Leading the Micro- and Nano-Influencer scène since 2016, FRENDZ is the solution to all your influencer marketing needs. With over 6 years in the industry, we did not only see it grow, but we have helped evolve this new-aged landscape to what it is today.

FRENDZ ensures the highest quality standard to their partners whilst maintaining cost-efficient. And while doing so, making campaigns stand out in this highly competitive landscape.

So far, FRENDZ has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Interested to find out what FRENDZ can do for you? Fill in the form below and get in touch!


By adopting a FRENDZ Micro- and Nano-Influencer marketing strategy, brands can benefit from the higher levels of credibility, engagement and personal interaction they have with their following audience. 


Stop marketing at your audience and start marketing with them. User-generated content serves as excellent social proof, and we’ll make sure that you get plenty.


Elevate your brand perception through influencer-association. Let their coolfactor radiate on your brand!

Having spent many years refining our approach to influencer marketing based on our best practices, we now apply our knowledge to obtain the best results for your brand. 

1. Creating a long-term campaign strategy

2. Selecting influencers who fit your brand seamlessly

3. Drawing up a clear and concise briefing

4. Performing checks and controls on all created content

5. Measuring and reporting in-depth results

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Beschikbaar budget
€5.000 - €10.000 (Entry-level)
€10.000 - €20.000 (Mostly chosen)
€20.000+ (Premium plus)
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